We’re Micky and Olivia, the co-founders of Studio Boketto, that’s BO-KET-OH. It’s Japanese for something like ‘staring into space’ but we just like the sound of it tbh!! 


We, Micky (originally a menswear designer) and Olivia (a nurse) started SB in 2015 from the bedroom of our teeeeeeny tiny flat in Manchester. Back then it was a part-time bit of fun, it’s now a full-time BIG bit of fun and we couldn’t be happier to be making awesome greetings cards for you guys! Our cards are always fun, a little silly, sometimes stupid rude (!) but will always put a smile on yer face!


We have our very own wirey Mr. Motivator, our Yoshi dog, and the little fuzzball of loveliness that is our cat Noah, both of which keep us company whilst we’re busy making a mess!


Our designs feature or are inspired by pop culture, bright colours, music, and food (alwayssss food!!).


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